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Story behind

Most dating apps on the market are designed in such a way that people have to make quick judgements based on a few pictures. And because people are so used to swiping through their options within seconds, they are often missing out on the interesting stories others are trying to tell.

This is why we believe it's time to break social media conventions and revolutionize the dating industry!

It's time to break social media conventions!

The traditional way

constant swiping, judging and being judged on looks only

The Storyss way

No more swiping, let's chat with your story

On Storyss, you don't have to worry about matching, flirting, and whatnot; all you have to do is tell your own stories, or browse through other users' posts, you will have amazing conversations to kick off!

The best story of your life can happen at Storyss!

What are the pain points of dating apps on the market?

This is how simple Storyss is

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Your life is a book with compelling chapters. Create your own narrative and reel your followers in!

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Browse fascinating stories, and create great conversation starters!

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Comment tags

See yourself through others' eyes! Some might comment that you are 'Chris Hemsworth of Hong Kong' or 'Yogi of My Dreams', find out what vibes you give off! tag example: 'Chris Hemsworth of Hong Kong', 'Yogi of My Dreams'

My Identity tags

What #hashtags best describe you? Highlight your personality and amplify your greatest traits using simple, straightforward terms so your viewers can learn about you in seconds! #catlady #hotdude #trustfundbaby

Creative Storyss tools

Share what you are up to, what's in your mind, or just any day-to-day experiences - by using these content creation tools:

Common interest

Tag yourself with what you like and in no time, you will be connected with people who share your interest or lifestyle!

Anonymous Connection

Don't let your profile define you! With our masking function, you can connect with other users anonymously before taking the next step to reveal your identities!

User verification

We make every effort to ensure Stroyss is a safe, wholesome platform for social interactions, which is why we require users to verify their identity before they can post stories or engage in conversations.

It's time to break social media conventions!

No more swiping, chat with story